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If you are an animal owner and want to learn how to work with and help balance your animals in a holistic and non-invasive manner . . .  these classes are for you!

And, if you are an animal massage or bodywork professional, these courses will give you excellent additional tools and information for you to offer your clients!

Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Resources is offering an International Acupressure & TCM Program for either Equine Acupressure or Small Animal Acupressure. The Program includes the online courses of:

  • Overview to Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Meridian Theory

  • Acupoint Classification

  • Landmark Anatomy and Acupoint Energetics

  • Indicators and Assessment, and

  • Proficiency and Verification

As you complete each course quiz you receive real-time, interactive guidance as you move through the coursework. 

After completing the first online course a Zoom or similar meeting is scheduled so we may meet and answer any questions you have. We also go over the material to be sure you feel confident about your understanding.

As you progress through the online courses, we schedule more in-person meetings to answer any questions and go over the material as needed. We want to support your efforts throughout the training. Additional course work zoom calls may be scheduled as well.

Once you have competed the online courses and the proficiency verification, you will have successfully earned a Certificate of Participation from Tallgrass. 

Contact us with any questions you may have and purchase your individual or
bundled classes below.
It is an adventure in learning and think of how much you will be able to help
horses, dogs and cats feel their best.
Overview to Traditional Chinese Medicine
1. Overview to Traditional Chinese Medicine
Meridian Theory Online Course
2. Meridian Theory
Dog acupressure points
3. Acupoint Classification
Equine acupressure treatment
4. Acupoint Energetics and Landmark Anatomy
acupressure session using the jing well points
6. Indicators & Assessment
Equine training for acupressure
International Course Bundle #1
Canine training for acupressure
International Course Bundle #2