4. Acupoint Energetics and Landmark Anatomy

Equine or Small Animal:Equine

Acupoint Energetics and Landmark Anatomy Course

This e-Learning course provides a systematic approach to learning the equine or small animal anatomical landmarks used to locate acupoints on animals. Emphasis is placed on the location of major bones, joints, tendons, muscles, and ligaments. With this informative product you'll be able to use anatomical language, locate points using anatomical landmarks and know the function and energetics of many specific acupoints.

The online course provides extensive detail regarding:

  • Surface landmarks including in-depth anatomical drawings
  • The anatomical terms of direction for either horse or small animal
  • The location, function, and energetics of over 150 major canine or equine acupoints
  • Charts and photographs of the 12 Major Meridians and Conception & Governing Vessels
  • The location, function and flow of each major meridian
  • Methods of locating acupressure points using fixed or moving landmarks and cun measurements
  • How to use the Acupoint Classifications and Key Acupoints when working with your animal
  • Acupoint Classifications including Association, Source, Alarm, Master, Influential, and Jing-Well points - their energetics, functions, and location

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