1. Overview to Traditional Chinese Medicine


Overview to Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Overview to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) covers the basic concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is the first in a series of 7 online courses. Each course is designed to build incrementally upon each other. Upon completion, the participant is well versed in the theory and application of Animal Acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The course includes:

  • Yin/Yang Theory in relation to the animal body and assessment of conditions
  • Meridian theory and the meridian system
  • The Five-Element Theory
  • The internal organ systems, zang-fu organs in relation to the body, and
  • How the vital substances function within the body

Additionally, the Overview to Traditional Chinese Medicine provides an understanding of how the Chinese perceived of the living body. And, offers all the tools for conducting an assessment and session work on your animal.

Upon completion of the Overview to Traditional Chinese Medicine course you will be able to:

  • Assess your animal using the 4 examinations
  • Conduct an opening protocol
  • Prepare a basic acupressure point selection and,
  • Perform the closing protocol.

Course materials include reading assignments and video instruction.

A Certificate of Completion is available. 

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