3. Acupoint Classification

Equine or Small Animal:Equine

3. Acupoint Classification - Equine or Small Animal

In TCM, acupressure points are categorized by how they can best be used to rebalance Chi within the body. For instance, each Acupoint Classification has distinct characteristics, functions and energetics, and best practice uses. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses theoretical concepts which group acupoints based on their similarity of actions and relationships.

When combined, the theoretical nature of Acupoint Classifications; along with the indicators and Patterns of Disharmony observed, gives the practitioner the ability to identify the best points to use for an acupressure session. 

This online course covers the major Acupoint Groupings, or the "medicine bag" of TCM. Included in the course is a full discussion, demonstration, and graphic chart of:

  • Yuan / Source points
  • Back Shu / Association points
  • Master points
  • Luo / Connecting
  • Influential points and
  • Jing-Well points

Additionally, you will learn the functions, location, and energetics of key acupoints. Knowing the acupoint classifications provides you with invaluable tools that are essential in developing session plans for your animals.

Course materials include reading assignments and video instruction.

    A Certificate of Completion is available upon successful completion of requirements.

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