2. Meridian Theory

Equine or Small Animal:Equine

2. Meridian Theory 

The Meridian Theory Online course offers an in-depth understanding of how meridians function within your animal’s body. Moreover, as your knowledge of the meridian system grows, the better your working acumen of acupressure will become. Also, your assessment skills and point selection for acupressure sessions will become more effective.

This course covers the 12 major meridians and 2 extraordinary vessels and includes:

  • Overview of the Animal Meridian System - functions of the meridians, organ connection, flow and location, as well as theory and application
  • Attributes of each of the 14 Meridians
  • Common Physical Imbalances for each meridian
  • Common Emotional Indicators of Meridian imbalances
  • Charts of Meridian flow with text description, and finally
  • Acupoint location and energetics

Upon completion of the Meridian Theory course you will be able to:

  • Identify and locate each of the Major meridians
  • Know the Indicators of imbalance for each meridian
  • Know the Emotional imbalance of each meridian and,
  • Have an understanding of how meridian imbalances are used in the assessment process and point selection protocol

Course materials include reading assignments and video instruction.

A Certificate of Completion is also available upon completion of course requirements.

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