Zang-Fu Patterns & Vital Substances Chart


The Zang-Fu Patterns & Vital Substances Chart

This Zang-Fu Patterns & Vital Substances Chart  is a 2-sided, laminated, 8.5" x 11" chart. It shows the Direction and Time Flow of Chi Energy along energetic pathways paired with Common Zang-Fu Organ System Patterns of Disharmony.

There's also a full paragraph listing of common conditions associated with each of the 12 Zang-Fu organs. For instance, Lung / Large Intestine - Respiratory conditions, allergies, weak immune system, skin issues, sinus problems. And delineates a dull or dry coat, damp-oily coat, dental issues, forelimb pain or injury are also common conditions. The chart shows this information specifically for each of  the other 11 Zang-Fu organs. It's a super learning resource!

On the opposite side is a Vital Substances flow chart which describes:

  • How the yin organs transform external chi into bio-available nourishing chi
  • How the yang organs transport vital substances to support health from a Chinese medicine perspective. 

This chart represents the functional interaction between the 12 internal organs. It depicts how the organs work in concert physiologically and energetically. This functioning supports a harmonious flow of chi, blood, and body fluids.

What better reference could you have?

Now there's a quick way for you to study and review the basics and help you focus during the assessment process.

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