Hands-On Clinic Exam Extension

Examination:Eq Introduction to Acupressure

Clinic Exam Extension

From the drop down menu, please choose the hands-on clinic you wish to extend.

Purchasing the extension provides you an additional 30 or 60 days, depending on the clinic you have taken.

A 30 day extension is provided for the 2-day Introduction to Animal Acupressure clinic. A 60 day extension is provided for the 3-day Meridians and Specific Conditions clinic. 

This additional time allotment will give you enough additional time to complete both the Final Exam and the four (4) case studies required for the Introduction clinic or the six (6) case studies required for the Meridians and Specific Conditions clinic. Keep in mind that it's a good idea to complete the examination then begin your case studies. Feel free to complete your first case study and submit it via the LearnPower program. Your instructor will then be able to provide you feedback, answer any questions you have and help ensure your learning experience is the best for you. 

Just click on the extension course of your choice and continue with the normal check out procedures.


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