Feline 5-Element Meridian Charts


The Feline 5-Element Meridian Chart Set

The Feline 5-Element Meridian Chart Set includes 4 double sided charts. Each chart is 12 x 18 inches, 5 ml laminated, and color coded to the 5-element theory. Each of the individual meridian charts also shows a set of element meridians. The first chart of the set provides you the 5-Element Theory diagram. This Diagram shows:

  • The Creation and Control cycles of 5-element theory. Moreover, 
  • The Association, Connecting, Source and Horary point for each meridian
  • The Command points for each of the meridians
  • By using this diagram you are able to choose the best points for your animals issues

The 2nd through 8th Feline 5-Element Meridian charts show:

  • The meridian flow and the major acupoints for Wood, Earth, Metal, Water and Fire Elements
  • The Yin / Yang designation of each meridian
  • The maximum time flow, emotion, direction and orifice of each meridian
  • And, lastly, the major functions of each meridian are provided

Use the Feline 5-Element Meridian Chart set to formulate your acupressure session and to study point locations. For instance, you can find the acupoints on the Lung meridian to help build his immune system!  It's also a fantastic learning tool, helping you to identify, locate and trace the flow of each meridian.  You'll also find it a helpful tool to educate your clients and expand their knowledge of acupressure.

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