Essential Oils for Equines


Essential oils and aromatherapy Course for Equines

This course will introduce you to the world of essential oils and aromatherapy, and enable you to use essential oils along with acupressure to enhance both short and long term healing. These modalities are powerful aids to a physically and emotionally healthy life for your horse.

As you stand quietly with your horse, offering oils or connected through acupressure touch, sharing the same experience, you can appreciate more clearly your horse’s level of health and state of mind. Your horse will appreciate having your undivided attention focused not on outside goals, but on the present moment.

In addition to their therapeutic value, using essential oils along with acupressure is a gift from a person to a horse, offering more than improved health. Most modern horses are confined to small spaces and have little choice over their food, exercise or associations. Correct use of essential oils gives the horse the power of making choices and helps rewaken a sense of self, which is often damaged or lost along the way. Working together with your horse on this level improves communication between you, and gives you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of your horse, the process of healing, and even yourself. Working together with these modalities fosters confidence in both the horse and the human, and stimulates a natural desire and ability to heal.

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