Equine Stretch Poster


The Equine Stretch Poster

The Equine Stretch Poster gives you a visual of 10 excellent stretches to do with your horse. These stretches, well within your horses' range-of-motion, will help keep him supple and strong. In addition, they help to open your horse's meridians, and improve flexibility and strength, Regular interaction such as stretching can also help you to develop an even stronger relationship between you and your horse. 

Stretches help to increase circulation through muscles, loosens up joints and the spaces between the vertebrae. A good stretching program will lead to increased flexibility and can help to prevent injuries. Always consult with your veterinarian before starting a stretching exercise program for your animal.

Created in conjunction with a veterinarian specializing in equine movement and rehabilitation, the chart depicts step-by-step illustrations accompanied by instructive text. The stretches emphasize staying within the horse's range-of-motion and maximize both you and your horse's comfort.

This double-sided poster shows 10 different stretches for your horse including:   

  • Belly lifts to strengthen the topline
  • Shoulder stretches to increase flexibility and movement
  • Hindquarter movements to increase movement and strength
  • Neck stretches to relieve tension and promote suppleness
  • and more

The Stretch poster is protected by a 5 mil lamination, keeping the poster safe  from barn and environmental concerns.


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