Equine Meridian Chart


The Equine Meridian Acupoint Chart

The Equine Meridian Acupoint Chart provides a full depiction of the major acupoints for the horse. The 12 Major Meridians, as well as the Governing & Conception Vessels, are shown. Additionally, the major acupoints shown include the:

  • Association points
  • Source points
  • Jing-well points
  • Master, and
  • Influential points

Use the Equine Meridian Acupoint chart to formulate your acupressure session and study point locations. You'll also find it a helpful tool to educate your clients and expand their knowledge of acupressure.

The Equine Meridian Chart is 12 x 18 inches, 5 ml laminated and color-coded to the 5-Element Theory. The color-coding makes it easy to identify each meridians respective element. Color-coding also allows you to easily identify and learn the location and flow of each of the 12 meridians.

To see how you can use the Equine Meridian Acupoint chart to help strengthen your aging horse and boost his immune system, click here.  After reading and reviewing the point locations, give it a go on your own horse, remember to start with gentle pressure, no poking!

Give it a try, both you and your horse will be glad you did.

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