Equine Acupoints & Anatomy Manual


The Equine Acupoints & Landmark Anatomy Manual provides an essential resource for holistic veterinary professionals, healthcare practitioners, equine bodyworkers and caretakers, of animal acupressure and acupuncture.

The Manual provides extensive detail regarding:

  • Surface landmarks and includes in-depth anatomical drawings
  • The location, function and energetics of over 150 major equine acupoints
  • Chart and photographs  of the 12 Major Meridians and Conception & Governing Vessels
  • The location, function and flow of each major meridian
  • How to use the Acupoint Classifications and Key Acupoints when working with your horse

Equine Acupoints & Anatomy Manual begins with equine axial and appendicular skeleton relative to distinct parts of the horse such as: head, neck, foreleg, and hind leg. Then we focus on the major joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. The anatomical “territory” is given along with the acupoints located in those areas of the body. We then work with the significant acupoints by explaining different methods of locating the points.

Included are the major classifications of equine acupoints:

  • Association points
  • Alarm points
  • Source points
  • Connecting points
  • Master points
  • Jing-Well points, and
  • Influential points

Finally, this manual contains a set of Key Acupressure points which are commonly used points not included in the acupoint classification section. These are powerful and necessary acupoints to know for your horse and provide superb Equine Acupoint Resources.

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