Canine Acupoints & Anatomy DVD


Canine Acupoints & Anatomy DVD

The 50 minute DVD, Canine Acupoints & Anatomy DVD, is an essential resource for holistic veterinary professionals, healthcare practitioners, canine bodyworkers and  students of animal acupressure and acupuncture.

The stimulation of the acupoints releases endorphins, helping to relieve pain. Also,  the natural hormone, cortisone is strengthened, which reduces swelling and inflammation. In addition, acupressure strengthens the immune system and promotes the healing process.

The Canine Acupoint DVD provides extensive detail regarding:

  • The surface anatomical landmarks of the dog
  • The location of canine acupressure points
  • How to trace the12 Major Meridians, + the Conception & Governing Vessels
  • How to use the Acupoint Classifications and Key Acupoints

Lastly, presenter Turie Norman, DVM is a practicing holistic veterinarian. And she is the technical editor of the companion manual, Canine Landmark Anatomy & Acupoint Energetics.

Use this DVD to:

  • Learn the anatomical flow and location of the 12 Major meridians
  • Learn the location of significant Acupoints on the dogs body
  • Learn the classification of acupressure points and how they function
  • Learn the energetic  of acupressure points and how to add them to your acupressure session

In conclusion, the DVD gives you the learning tools to delve in to your animal acupressure studies.

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