Tui Na 2-Day Animal Acupressure-Massage Clinic

Tui Na 2-Day Animal Acupressure Clinic

Course: 2-Day Hands-On Tui Na Acupressure-Massage Training  
Location:  See clinic schedule
Course Fee: $495.00  
Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 Saturday & Sunday 
Team Leaders: Lori Perez, LAc, Peter Perez, LMT, Amy Snow, & Nancy Zidonis
Prerequisites: Overview to TCM & Meridian Theory Online Courses 

Tui Na session on a dogAll massage is based on the original Chinese Meridian Massage called Tui Na, a form of bodywork with a long history in Chinese medicine. As an adjunct to animal acupressure, Tui Na facilitates the therapeutic results of acupressure. 

Tui Na regulates meridians, promotes circulation of chi and blood, and strengthens the immune system. These techniques can be applied in musculoskeletalEquine Tui Na and Acupressure session conditions, arthritis, peripheral nerve disorders, and improves the functions of the internal organs. This Clinic provides lecture and guided hands-on learning to successfully learn 10 different Tui Na hand and body techniques and their application for animals.  

 The Clinic covers:

  • History and use of Animal Tui Na
  • The Tui Na technique of An Fa (direct pressure) & Gun Fa, (rolling knuckles) 
  • The Tui Na technique of Na Fa (plucking) & Tui Fa (pushing),
  • and 6 more Tui Na hand techniques
  • The general therapeutic effects of Tui Na include:   

    • Promoting the circulation of chi and xue in the channels to disperse stagnation
    • Opening and relaxing body tissues allowing the harmonious flow of xue and chi
    • Clearing heat
    • Dispelling wind, cold, dampness (Bi Syndromes, or Pain Conditions)
    • Enhancing the body’s capacity to heal itself
    • Maintaining and/or restore the yin-yang balance in zang-fu organs.

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