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Supporting Cooper with Acupressure

Supporting Cooper with Canine Acupressure

Nancy Zidonis & Amy Snow, Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute

Cooper is a Mini-Dachshund who was surrendered to the Denver Dumb Friends League (HSUS) at the age of 6 or so. The only information they had on this emaciated little guy was that his original people bought him in a pet store, he was in a crate for 14 hours/day. They were getting divorced and nobody could keep him. In a difficult situation t his might have been the best thing that could have happened to Cooper.

acupressure for dog behavior problemsWhile in the Denver shelter he was neutered and he had 8 teeth removed. Needless to say, he was rather traumatized arriving in his new home just two days after surgery. He is getting three nourishing meals per day and snacks here in there to put some weight on and cover his protruding bones and roached back. He is walking up and down stairs and going for several short walks each day to build muscle tone.

He loves his many snuggles. And, he is being taken out for frequent potty breaks to make sure he is comfortable. 
Even with these steps up in care and support, Cooper can be experiencing a sense of loss of his original home and confusion while adjusting to his new circumstance. He dearly wants to adapt and feel good. It’s time for some canine acupressure to help him enjoy being with his new family. Here’s the acupressure session we are offering him every-other-day until we see a shift toward knowing he is home. 

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