Canine Acupressure points to help with training issues

Spring Training and Canine Acupressure

By: Nancy Zidonis and Amy Snow

Glorious spring is here with all its exuberant energy. Trees are leafing out. Grass is turning green. And, everyone wants to get out and move their bodies - especially your dogs. Time to get ready for the warmer weather filled with activity - agility trials, Flyball, Frisbee, Running on the Beach, Hiking trails, Swimming and having fun.

Just like any weekend warrior, your dog needs to get in shape, so start slowly and build up. Protect their muscles, tendons, and ligaments now so you can have more fun as spring and summer progress. Don't risk an early season injury; it would really spoil things for both of you.

By adding an acupressure session to your loving and grooming routine every three to four days plus combining it with slow and steady physical training, you two will be ready for lots of fun. The acupressure points selected for the Spring Maintenance Acupressure Session chart are specifically for muscle building, tendon and ligament strengthening and good blood circulation.

Remember to stimulate these points on both sides of your dog. Use the soft part of your thumb or pointer finger on smaller dogs to stimulate the points. Gently press each acupressure point for a slow count of 30 before moving on to the next point. 

Tis the season to get out and play and this acupressure session will help your dog play with you with less danger of getting hurt before the fun even starts. Enjoy your spring and summer together!

Label - Spring Training and Canine Acupressure