Spaying or Neutering? - Liver 3 Can Help

Spaying or Neutering? - Liver 3 Can Help

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Do you know a dog who is headed to the vet clinic to be snipped? Ease his recovery period with acupoint Liver 3 (Liv 3). 

Liv 3 is the Source point for the Liver meridian and its primary function is to harmonize chi flow throughout the body. It also has a strong influence on the urogenital system. The combination of these two functions make Liv 3 a powerful tool for helping your dog after castration. It harmonizes chi flow, assisting with post-castration hormone balance. It also helps with post-surgical healing by improving chi flow along the Liver meridian which passes through the genitals. This point even helps with post-operative pain. 

Liv 3 helps female dogs too. From cycling issues, to post-partum issues, to recovery after spaying, Liv 3 encourages balance for all conditions of the female reproductive system.

Liver 3 acupoint for animals
How to find Liv 3:
 This point lies on your dog’s hind leg, below the hock joint, in the webbed space lying between the two metatarsal bones that lie closest to the mid-line of your dog’s body. Find the metatarsal bones of the hind leg, right above the metatarsophalangeal joint (the paw joint) and slip over the most inside (or medial) bone into the tiny web between the bones. Refer to the photo for a clear view. This is a small space on most dogs so get as close as you can and then feel for the spot that “feels” the best to your fingers and your dog. 

Technique tip:
 Dogs that will benefit most from Liv 3 sometimes react strongly when you first apply gentle pressure the point. This response usually passes quickly and turns to relaxation. Still, it is good to stroke the area first, before you gently press into the point, to determine your dog’s sensitivity.