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San Zhen Protocols: AcuPoint Case Study #1

San Zhen Protocols: 3-AcuPoint Case Study #1

By: Nancy Zidonis and Amy Snow

Lower Jiao Damp Heat and Chi Stagnation 
Molly is a spaniel exhibiting a chronic urinary tract infection. Her guardians noticed her urine was darker than normal and had a stronger, somewhat foul smell. They also noticed that Molly urinated mroe frequently but only a little at a time. Molly strained to urinate and was uncomfortable and nippy when her belly was rubbed, something she had always loved.

After an examination and blood work, their veterinarian suggested antibiotics, two rounds of which did not resolve the infection. Her guardians have been giving her probiotics and a high quality protein diet.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine pattern differentiation is Lower Jiao Damp Heat with Chi Stagnation. The 3-Acupoints chosen for the acupressure session protocol will help drain the Damp, clear Heat, and stimulate chi movement. The acupoint selection includes: CV 6, the "Sea of Chi;" Sp9, to drain Damp; and St 36, to stimulate Chi and drain Damp in the lower Jiao.

Molly has had three acupressure sessions in aperiod of two weeks and will most likely need several more sessions in the coming weeks to resolve her urinary tract infection. After her third session Molly is more comfortable and less nippy. Her guardians report that her urine is lighter in color and the once strong odor almost back to normal. Her Lower Jiao feels only slightly warmer to the touch, and she is only mildly reactive on Bl 28. Her guardians continue to be in communication with their holistic vet. The San Zhen protocol of 3-Acupoint combination is definitely working.

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