Acupressure Point,  Ki 27 location and use for horses, dogs, cats

Ki 27: A Powerful Acu-Point for Your Animals

Kidney 27 (Ki 27) is a fascinating and amazing acupressure point.  Different acupressure disciplines ascribe it different energetic attributes. Even the English translation of its name varies more widely than with most other acupoints. One text may say Ki 27 isn’t commonly used and another say it’s used extensively. Some texts list functions as only local in nature, while others list many local and distal energetic actions. So it’s good to take a closer look at Ki 27 and decide for yourself how and when to make it part of your acupressure session.

Acupoint Classification: 
Ki 27 is considered the Association point for all Association points. This suggests that it plays an important role in gathering and distributing chi. This acupoint is the place or residence where chi is gathered. Shu refers to transporting, conveying, or distributing. By combining these ideas Ki 27 is the place where chi of the zang-fu organs gathers and governs by distributing chi.

The fu in the name of Ki 27 is said to refer to yang organs. This indicates that this point is known to distribute or convey chi to the yang organs.

Ki 27 regulates the Lungs and the descending of Lung chi, tonifies pre-natal Source chi, stimulates the Kidney’s reception and rooting of Lung chi, tonifies Kidney yang chi, relaxes the chest, redirects and subdues rebellions Lung and Stomach chi, transforms phlegm, tonifies and aligns the total energy system.

Indicators of Use:
Generalize mental fatigue, anxiety or vomiting. Cough, asthma, or immune mediated issues. Helpful when an animal is crossing over.


Cat - Amazing Animal Acupressure Points #5 - Ki 27Animal - Amazing Animal Acupressure Points #5 - Ki 27