Image of Equine Animal Acupressure Practitioner Jodi Brassard

Gaining Confidence with Animal Acupressure

By: Jodi Brassard, Tallgrass Equine Acupressure Practitioner

Recently, Jodi Brassard, a Tallgrass Equine Acupressure Participant, sent us this story about how she worked with a horse named Junior. Even though Jodi is just starting out on her acupressure adventure, she was confident about Junior’s gait being “off” though the owner didn’t believe it. You will enjoy this story…..

I ride this horse named Junior four times a week. For the last two weeks, something has been “off” with him. Junior is a tough horse by nature. He’s an appaloosa and was gelded at 5 years old. He is the type of horse that would almost have to lose a leg before he would let you know anything was wrong. 

I determined through riding that something is off on his left hind leg. Through acupressure, Junior confirmed this for me. I still don’t know exactly what is wrong, but I do know that he really loves receiving acupressure AND he is doing a little better. Basically, he’s not extending that left hind fully at any gait and cantering is particularly difficult for him. We are talking about a lack of about 3 inches that he wasn’t able to reach forward. Now, with acupressure, I think it’s about half that. It’s working!!! Some points Junior loves are: St 36, Bl 40, 60, 64, GB 40, Sp 6. I’m all over his hind legs.

equine acupressure practitioner
Juniors owner usually watches me ride. He was not convinced that there was anything wrong with Junior’s gait. He videotaped me riding and showed his wife, they came to the conclusion that nothing was wrong with Junior, except that he is stubborn. I completely understand that 3 inches is really hard to see, but I insisted something wasn’t right. 

Luckily, the vet was coming out to float teeth. He looked at Junior and said he’s got an issue with his left stifle. Not exactly sure what the particular issue is, because we did not do X-rays. The vet also recommended Junior take 3 weeks off though I can still practice acupressure on him! I am so happy that 1) Junior is going to get better, and, 2) that I feel validated by the vet that there was a problem, and I knew where it was. Best of all, I am able to actually help this horse!