Acupressure Maintenance Session for Cats

Feline Acupressure Healthcare

By Nancy Zidonis and Amy Snow

Many people think that cats would not enjoy acupressure, wow, are they wrong. Most cats really appreciate intentional touch especially when they really need it. Cats do not like to be “over-touched.” Keep the acupressure session short and sweet.

Performing an Opening should be good since you are formulating and communicating your healing with the cat. We suggest you go right into Point Work, or as soon as you can, once you have completed the Opening. Since less is better with most cats, use 3-4 acupoints bilaterally per acupressure session. Some cats will be comfortable enough for you to complete the session with a Closing procedure, but if the cat rather perform his own Closing, he knows best.

REMEMBER: Cats are in Charge!

Many years ago, Nancy Zidonis, co-founder of Tallgrass, was working with an elderly, sick cat named Ziva while teaching in Israel. Ziva had not been eating and had been sitting hunched in the sick-cat position for days. After the Point Work segment of the session, the cat jumped off the couch were they were working, jumped on to the back of a chair and proceeded to lick down her Lung meridian, then her Large Intestine meridian, followed by the Stomach Meridian…. She was definitely closing her meridians herself! She also went on to live another 4 years and died at the honorable age of 21.

Below is a simple Feline Health Maintenance chart. This preventive care acupressure session can be offered every 3-7 days to support general feline health.

Acupressure for felines