The equine meridian system

Equine Grief and The Bladder Meridian

Equine Grief and The Bladder Meridian

Nancy Zidonis - Saturday, April 20, 2024
By Waldine Hilton, Tallgrass Participant from Victoria, Australia

A short time ago an old horse was kindly helped with his new journey to the new world. When I visited the other horses four days later the energy of the place was heavy laden. The owner has 6 horses on the property and she wanted me to have a look a horse. The horse gave me the impression he was grieving and my hands were drawn to the emotional channel of the Bladder meridian.

I was working with the owner’s horse while the owner was holding her lead. Then I noticed two other horses lined up directly behind the horse I was giving the acupressure session. The interesting part was all three horses were yawning their heads off then the owner started, so huge releases everywhere.

In the next paddock there were 3 different horses were paying attention to the acupressure session. I was told that one of the horses never goes to anyone and can be quite explosive. When the owner approached the mare, she hid behind a tree. I watched then went over to the tree and leant on the truck when the mare started to sniff me. I put my hand out to her and she sniffed – all in all it was she who approached me, it was her idea, her choice. With this I stepped forward and she followed me around the tree into the shade where she allowed me to work on her emotional branch of the Bladder meridian. It was only for a minute and I barely touched her but the release was huge and she gave a warning that it was enough.

At the end of the session the owner and I could feel the energy on the whole property had changed from being heavy laden to one of release, lighter, relaxed, and calm. All the horses on the property processed that afternoon and all the next day. I spoke with the owner five days later and she stated that the horses were happier and more relaxed. As small as this was the outcome was overwhelming. I realized how powerful TCM is even when you think you are not doing anything.

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