Acupressure points to increase horses endurance

Equine Acupressure to Boost Endurance

Equine Acupressure Boosts Endurance! By: Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute

Enjoy the summer months of good riding in the northern hemisphere – time to be on the GO! 
You don’t have to be an endurance rider to provide this acupressure session for your horse. These acupoints offer your horse an extra ‘umph’ while building muscles and enhancing flexibility. These acupoints were selected specifically to support healthy chi and blood circulation plus nourish the horses joints, tendons and ligaments. 
ALL equine athlete will benefit from these Acupoints for Endurance acupressure session. Be your horse’s best friend and enjoy this session together.Horse - Equine Acupressure to Boost Endurance