Location of Acupoint Liver 3 on horse

Equine Acupressure for the Moody Mare

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Do you know a mare susceptible to moody or cranky behavior? While some mares become flirty and affectionate as their hormones fluctuate during their cycle, other mares become difficult, touch sensitive, even aggressive. Liver 3 (Liv 3) can help. Used regularly, this point can reduce or even eliminate periodic attitudes. 

Liver 3, the Source point for the Liver meridian, harmonizes the flow of chi throughout the entire body. It also has a strong influence on the urogenital system. The combination of these two functions, make Liv 3 a powerful tool for your mare’s reproductive health concerns, from an hormonal moods, to infertility, to post-birth health issues. 

If your mare has uneven behavior through her cycle, don’t wait for her toughest days to stimulate Liv 3. Use it regularly, at least once a week, to support balance during the entire cycle. 

Working with a male instead? Use Liv 3 for geldings with post-castration problems or for stallions with fertility issues. 

Equine acupressure - Liv 3 for mares

How to find Liv 3: This point lies on the inside of your horse’s hind leg, below the hock joint, on the cannon bone. Feel for the bottom of the bones of the hock joint and slip onto the inside surface of the cannon bone, right in front of the splint bone. For most horses, there is a prominent vein that crosses this area, just below the point. Refer to the photo for a clear view. 

Technique Tips: This point, sometimes called a “kick point,” can elicit a strong, swift response. Be sure to stroke the area with a flat hand stroke BEFORE you apply gentle pressure to Liv 3, to make sure that the horse is receptive. The good news? Horses who need this point the most tend to relax deeply afterward.