image of acupressure acupoints to benefit cat digestion

Enhancing Feline Digestion with Acupressure

The feline is a natural predator and a protein obligate, that is, they must eat a high protein (meat-based) diet, which further explains why they have served humans since the days of the ancient Egyptians. Dining on mice gives a cat exactly the nutrition he needs including the small amount of grain from the rodents stomach content. The small cat was designed by the Egyptians to keep the food storage clean and free of rodents in ancient times. The Egyptians held cats in such high esteem, they were treated like gods…and most cats have never forgotten their true status. 

Today, barn cats and feral cats have a steady diet of rodents and they do a good job of digesting their meals. Some people are feeding their cats’ raw or home-cooked food, which can really benefit most of our domesticated cats. Cats have adapted to manufactured food, though not always in the best of health. Unfortunately, some cats experienced kidney and other health issues due to manufactured foods.

No matter what your cat is eating, a little help with digestion can only make the absorption of nutrients better. Acupressure can help your cat breakdown his food and support his ability to metabolize the nutrients more effectively. The following acupressure points, also called “acupoints,” in the Feline Digestion Chart are specifically selected to support your cat’s digestion process.

NOTE: The hair ingested during a cat’s grooming process forms a ball in his stomach and needs to be expelled. Regurgitating hairballs is necessary to avoid an intestinal blockage. The Feline Digestion session will not interfere with this natural process.

Acupressure and digestion