Acupressure helps breathing Lu 9

Clearing Your Animal’s Airways with Acupressure

Clearing Your Animal’s Airways with Acupressure

The smoke-filled air from North America is affecting all of us including our animals. Obviously, breathing is obligatory. We can’t wave a magic wand and rid the air of smoke particles, but we can give our dogs and cats some respiratory support with an acupressure session. The intent of offering your dogs and cats this acupressure session is to help keep their airways as clear as possible. There are specific acupressure points, also called “acupoints,” that are commonly used to enhance respiration. The following acupoints have been carefully selected for you to take a few minutes and work with your animal and focus on respiration.

Lung 9 for dogs

Lung 9 (Lu 9) - To locate Lu 9, lift the dog’s or cat’s front paw at the carpus (wrist) and tuck your forefinger under just below the joint. If your animal is happy with your holding your finger on the point while his paw is up for a slow count to 20, that’s good. If not, extend his leg down while continuing to hold Lu 9 for a slow count to 20 before moving on to the next acupoint. Repeat his process on the opposite paw.

Bladder 12- Bladder 13 (Bl 12 – Bl 13) – Find Bl 12 by placing the soft tip of your thumb between the animal’s scapula cartilage at the top of the scapula.

Bl 12 and Bl 13 for dog

Press lightly into Bl 12 and then slide down to Bl 13 just past the scapula and about an inch off the spine. Repeat rubbing between Bl 12 and Bl 13 for a slow count to twenty. Repeat this procedure going to the other side of the dog or cat, then move the next acupoint.



CV 17 canine


Conception Vessel 17 (CV 17) This point is found on the ventral (lower) midline. Direct your hand under the dog’s or cat’s chest at the level of the dog’s or cat’s elbow and feel for the midline on the chest. Place your forefinger on CV 17 and slowly count to 20. Take a few minutes every day to sit with your favorite animal to assist in improving their respiratory function. It will go a long way to having him breathe more easily and be more comfortable.