image showing where Bl 11 is on a horse

Bl 11 - The Acu-point of Bone


Pinyin Name – Da Zhu
English Translations – 
Great Shuttle, Big Reed, Foot Taiyang Bladder 11
The Bladder Meridian is also known as the Urinary Bladder (UB) Meridian

Bladder 11 (Bl 11) is known as an important acupoint for any bone issue including arthritis, spondylosis, deformities, inflammation, osteoporosis, and joint issues. Bladder 11 has quite a few other uses for animals such as tonifying blood and marrow, regulating and dispersing Lung chi, relaxing the soft tissues of the chest, while also dispelling Wind. Additionally, Bl 11 is used consistently as a local acupoint for cervical spine problems. 

Turn to Bl 11 for broken bones, surgery involving bones and joints, plus all aging problems related to the animal’s bones. Because of Bladder 11’s location at the base of the neck, it can help with stiffness, pain, or other neck problems. A horse, dog, or cat can benefit from Bl 11 when it is experiencing any respiratory condition such as a cold or difficulty breathing. Animals with any blood diseases can also benefit from this acupoint.

Acupoint Classification 
Bladder 11 is the Hui-Meeting acupoint for bones, it is also called the “Influential point for bones,” and the “Converging point of bone.” This point powerfully affects the health of bone because it has a “weaving action” (Acupuncture Points: Images & Functions, Arnie Lade). Bones provide the structure of the body the way the warp and weft create the structure of fabric. Also, when you look at bones carefully (e.g., Microsopically), you see tightly “woven” material which composes bone.

Bladder 11 is a Sea of Blood point along with Stomach 37 and 39. The Sea of Blood Points regulate the amount and flow of blood in the animal’s body.

Bladder 11 is the Meeting Point of the Bladder with the Small Intestine, Triple Heater (San Jiao), Gall Bladder and Governing Vessel (Du Mai) 

Energetic Actions 
Bladder 11 benefits bone issues, respiration, dispels Wind, nourishes and facilitates blood flow, tonifies marrow, relaxes the sinews of the chest, regulates the Lung, and disperses Lung chi.

Indicators / Clinical Signs 
Bl 11 can be included in an acupressure session when the animal presents with the indicators or clinical signs listed below: 

  • Bone-related disease or injury
  • Joint problems
  • Neck issues
  • Pain between the scapulae
  • Anemia or other blood disease
  • Tightness in the chest
  • Lung infection, cold, or flu
  • Cough
  • Asthma and other respiratory disease

Equine – 1.5 cun lateral to the dorsal midline, at the 2nd thoracic vertebral space, cranial to the withers and scapular cartilage.

Bl 11 for horses

Canine & Feline – 1.5 cun lateral to the caudal border of the spinous process of the 1st thoracic vertebra at the cranial edge of the scapula.

Bl 11 for dogs