Animal acupressure books

Animal Acupressure References and Resources

This Reference and Resource offers Tallgrass participants and graduate practitioners a listing to use in their continued study. There are many other texts of a similar nature and worth exploration. This list provides a place to start. The websites at the end of the listing gives you a quick reference to a wide scope of information about Traditional Chinese Medicine. These resources will help you continue your adventures in learning for the benefit of the horses, dogs, and cats with which you will be helping to live full, long lives.

Essential Texts for Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute Courses: 
ACU-CAT: A Guide to Feline Acupressure, ISBN 978-1-936796-02-1 
ACU-DOG: A Guide to Canine Acupressure, ISBN 978-1-936796-00-7 
ACU-HORSE: A Guide to Equine Acupressure, ISBN 978-1-936796-04-5 
Nancy Zidonis and Amy Snow, Tallgrass Publishers, LLC., 
Website: Tallgrass Animal Acupressure 
Link: Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Book Series

Recommended Reading: 
The Essential Book of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Volume I, Theory, by Yanchi, Liu. 
Columbia University Press, 1988, ISBN 0-231-06196-X This book will prepare you for the 
Indicators and Assessment course and deepen your understanding of TCM. READ Pg. 
1-53; Pg. 67-102; Skim/Review Pg. 131 on for the purpose of understanding as much as 
you can, we do not expect you to know all that is covered, promise.

The Yellow Emperor’s Medicine Classic: Treatise on Health and Long Life, Zhou 
Chuncai, An Asiapac Books PTE LTD, 1999, ISBN 981-3068-28-0 – this is a comic 
book-style version, worth reading and having in your library

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine: the Essential Text of Chinese Health and Healing 
(Neijing Suwen with Commentary), Maoshing Ni, Ph.D, Shambhala, 1995, ISBN 1-57062- 
080-6 Good, clear translation and text

Suggested Reading: 
Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine, Beinfield & Korngold,( ISBN 
0-345-37974-8) Understanding the 5-Elements

Five Elements and Ten Stems: Nan Ching Theory, Diagnostics and Practice, Kiiko Matsumoto 
& Stephen Birch, Paradigm Publications, 1983, ISBN 0-912111-25-9

Acupuncture Points: Images & Functions, Arnie Lade, Eastland Press, 1996, ISBN 

The Web that Has No Weaver: Understanding Chinese Medicine. Ted Kaptchuk, OMD, 2000 
(ISBN 0-8092-2840)

Four Paws Five Directions, Cheryl Schwartz, DVM,1996, ISBN 0-89087-790-4 For Small 
Animal Participants – Note: Small Animal Participants

For Equine Participants: 
Complete Holistic Care and Healing for Horses: The Owners & Veterinary Guide to Alternative
Methods & Remedies
. Mary Brennan, DVM, ISBN 1-57076-045-4

For Small Animal participants: 
Manual of Natural Veterinary Medicine. Drs. Susan Wynn & Steve Marsden, 2003 ISBN 

Zang Fu: The Organ Systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jeremy Ross, Churchill 
Livingstone, 1998, ISBN 0-443-03482-6

Bookshelf References: 
Classical Five-Element Acupuncture. J.R. Worsley, 1998, Contact 1-800-549-3531

Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ping Chen, Complementary Medicine Press, 
Distributed by Redwing Books, 2004, ISBN 0-9673034-51

Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine, Zhong Yi Xue Ji Chu, translated by Nigel Wiseman & 
Andrew Ellis, Paradigm Publications, 1996, ISBN 0-912111-44-5

Traditional Acupuncture: The Law of the Five Elements, 2nd Ed., Dianne M. Connelly, 
PH.D., 1994, Tai Sophia Institute, ISBN0-912381-03-5

Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine, Giovanni Maciocia, Eastland Press, Inc., 1987, 
ISBN 0-939616-04-1

Text Books: 
Acupuncture Point Combinations: The Key to Clinical Success, Jeremy Ross, Churchill 
Livingstone, Churchill Livingstone, 1998,ISBN 0-443-050006-6

A Manual of Acupuncture, Peter Deadman,, Journal of Chinese Medicine 
Publications, 1999, ISBN 0-9510546-7-8

Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine: A Comprehensive Guide, Giovannni Maciocia, Churchill 
Livingstone, 2004, ISBN0-443-06448-2

Practical Guide to Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, Huisheng Xie, et. al., Chi 
Institute Press, 2014, ISBN 978-1-934786-42-0

The Channels of Acupuncture: Clinical Use of the Secondary Channels and Eight
Extraordinary Vessel
s, Giovanni Maciocia, Churchill Livingstone-Elsevier, 2006, ISBN 

The Foundations of Chinese Medicine: Comprehensive Text for Acupuncturists and Herbalists, 
Giovanni Maciocia, Churchill Livingstone, 2005, ISBN 0-443-07489-5

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, Volume I, Fundemental Principles. Huisheng Xie 
DVM, PhD, MS, Vanessa Preast, DVM, Jing Tang, 1-800-891-1986 
(ISBN 0-9720045-0-5)

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Volume 1, Fundamental Principles, Huisheng Xie, DVM, 
PhD,MS, Vanessa Preast, DVM, Jing Tang, 9708 West Hwy 318, Reddick, FL 32686, 
USA, ISBN: 0-9720045-0-5 Note: Expensive and you may need to have a Vet friend 
order it.

Veterinary Acupuncture: Ancient Art to Modern Medicine, 2nd. Allen Schoen,DVM, MS, 
Mosby – Elsevier, 1996, ISBN 0-939674-51-3

Xie’s Veterinary Acupuncture, Huisheng Xie and Venessa Preast, Blackwell Publishing, 
2007, ISBN 0-8138-1247-X

Website References:

Yin Yang House

Academy of Classic Oriental Sciences

TCM World