Location and benefits of GB 34 acupoint for dogs and horses

Amazing Acupressure Point #10: Gall Bladder 34

By Nancy Zidonis & Amy Snow | February 21, 2016 |

Gall Bladder 34 (GB 34) is an amazing acupressure point and is a good point for all animal acupressure practitioners because it supports the health of tendons and ligaments. Animals can only show us when they are lame due to a tendon or ligament repetitive or sudden injury. Our job is to do our best to detect imbalances that lead to weakness before an injury occurs.

When assessing an animal watch for ever-so-slight uneven muscle tone, gait issues, head, neck or tail carriage – anything that could possibly indicate a slight favoring of a limb. During the general physical palpation segment of the Four Examinations, do you feel any areas of inflammation? How do Bladder 18 and 19, the Association points for Liver and Gall Bladder respectively, feel?

When you talk with the animal’s guardian during the 3rd segment of the Four Examinations, find out how the animal is managing in his environment. Is he able to perform the sport or tasks expected of him? Can a dog jump into the car easily? Does the horse fault on a jump? Has the animal had a behavioral change? Listen for any indication of reluctance to perform a task that may demonstrate the animal is in pain due to a tendon or ligament issue.

There are many other reasons an animal may be in pain. Animals are honest creatures. By performing a thorough Four Examinations, you should be able to begin to isolate the issue.

Remember, horses do not have a Gall Bladder, however they do have Gall Bladder chi. This means it would be best to support Gall Bladder chi in horses to help avoid imbalances. As one of the longest meridians in the body, it greatly affects musculoskeletal issues.

Acupoint Classification 
This amazing acupressure point is also the Influential point, also called the “Convergent point,” for tendons and ligaments. This acupoint promotes the flexibility, suppleness, and agility of these tissues throughout the animal’s entire body.

Gall Bladder 34 is the He-Sea point for the Gall Bladder meridian. This is where the Gall Bladder energy collects before going into the “sea” of the body. This is why GB 34 is known to enhance the flow of Liver, Gall Bladder’s paired yin organ system, as well as the flow of Gall Bladder chi.

Energetic Actions
GB 34 is known to provide chi to the tendons, ligaments, and joints while Liver provides the blood to nourish the tendons, ligaments, and joints. This acupoint clears Damp Heat, resolves obstructions along the meridian, moves Liver chi, and relieves pain, a truly amazing acupressure point.

Indicators / Clinical Signs 
GB 34 can be included in an acupressure session when the animal presents with the indicators or clinical signs listed:

  • Weakness, numbness, stiffness, or pain related to tendons/ligaments/joints
  • Hemiplegia (i.e., paralysis of one side of the body)
  • Pain in the hypochondrium (i.e., upper portion of the abdomen)
  • Rebellious Stomach chi
  • Jaundice

 – Found at the interosseous (between 2 bones) space between the tibia and fibula, between the long and lateral digital extensors, craniodistal to the head of the fibula.

Mammal - Amazing Acupressure Point #10: Gall Bladder 34

Canine & Feline – Lateral aspect of the hind limb, in the depression anterior and inferior to the head of the fibula.

Animal - Amazing Acupressure Point #10: Gall Bladder 34