Acupressure points for feline constipation, cat constipation acupoints

How Acupressure Can Significantly Improve Cat Constipation

Acupressure for Feline Constipation

Does your cat suffer with occasional feline constipation?  Acupressure can help.

Constipation is defined as an abnormal accumulation of feces in the colon resulting in difficult bowel movements. Most often constipation is a mild condition where acupressure and other home remedies can help. Be mindful though that feline constipation may indicate a more serious health issue and need the immediate attention of your holistic veterinarian.

Feline constipation is characterized by infrequent stools or stools that are difficult to pass. Most cats defecate about every 24-36 hours. While there is some variation, if more than 48-72 hours passes without a bowel movement, it is recommended that you contact your veterinarian. 

Constipation may be caused by:
Lack of exercise 
Ingesting foreign bodies such as wood or bones
Pelvic injuries resulting in a more narrow pelvic canal

Common indicators of constipation include:
Dry, hard stools     Muscle Loss               Straining in the litter box
Walking stiffly        Decreased appetite    Difficulty jumping up 

The chart below gives you several of the acupressure points you can use to help relieve mild, non-threatening feline constipation.  

acupressure for cat constipation



Other actions to help resolve feline constipation are:

 • Increase water  intake  
 • Increase exercise      
 • Change in diet
  Reduced stress





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